Digital delivery to any device

Client focus


“Prioritising content in this way and delivering our support over any device, while representing our brand and the high standard of support people associate with the charity, delivers exactly what we set out to do. ”

“We can now reach out to more people more effectively online, thanks to Sift Digital.”

David Dawson, Web Manager Samaritans

What was needed

Samaritans, the leading UK helpline charity offering confidential emotional support, came to us with a familiar set of problems:

  • statistics showed that while an increasing number of people visited them via mobile devices, their website was not built to cope with this type of traffic
  • as more internal staff became involved in providing content for the website, it became harder to prioritise the information shown to each visitor
  • additional content led to additional strain on the existing site structure – leaving it difficult for visitors to navigate around the site

To overcome these issues, Samaritans needed a comprehensive digital strategy and a user-centric website to help them develop engagement with callers, donors and volunteers.

What we did

We carried out brand and digital strategy reviews to drill down into what the priority areas of support were and how people could access Samaritans’ content. A robust content strategy was developed in partnership with the charity. This provided a clear structure for the internal teams creating material for the new website.

Detailed UX research and testing was also carried out, revealing that timely, relevant content and contact information is critical for people contacting the charity.

Building on the strategic work undertaken with internal stakeholders and results from the UX research, we created a user-centred website that can be viewed equally well across a wide range of devices.

Samaritans’ new responsive site prioritises content dependent on the device being used to access the site. This ensures that users are served device and priority need specific, clear, simple calls to action.

The results

Within 3 months of the new site launching, Samaritans' mobile stats have rocketed, with 40% of their total site traffic coming from mobile devices, compared to 5% beforehand. 

The net gain in conversion for Samaritans has been incredibly positive, with the following recorded post-launch:

  • 41% increase in online donors
  • 62% increase in the amount donated
  • Overall site visits up 20%
  • Mobile access of site increased from 5% to 40%

Neil Foster, a Samaritans supporter, wrote in to express his delight:

“I just want to congratulate you on the accessibility of your web pages. I am blind so this is actually a big issue. It actually made it possible for me to donate easily to your cause. I suspect you will have given accessibility a good deal of thought. This is much appreciated as it allows me to support you more easily. Many thanks and keep up the good work!”